Posted by: Rob Viens | October 4, 2012

Return to the Beagle

On October 4th the castaways had been rescued and returned to their home on the Beagle.  After two nights of extreme cold and eating dead hawks, Darwin’s description of the return is actually quite anticlimactic:

“By the middle of the next day we were all on board the Beagle & most throughily after our little adventure did we enjoy its luxuries.— In the evening we moved our anchorage and stood in towards our old place.” (Oct 4)

The good news, no one died and everyone had a little better appreciation for the “luxuries” of life on a small survey ship.

beautiful blogger

On a personal note, I keep meaning to thank Tamara over at My Botanical Garden (a great blog – check it out) for nominating the Beagle Project for the Beautiful Blogger Award. And thanks to the many visitors and followers to a site, and participants who have left comments and “likes”.  It was inspiring earlier this week to cross the 10,000 views mark. It helps keep me coming back for more! (RJV)


  1. Rob, it looks like you have quite a following. Remember our chat about a possible book project?

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