Posted by: Rob Viens | September 11, 2012

Lego Darwin

At long last, with the help of Mr. Harris, the crew of the Beagle seemed to have been accepted (at least to some degree) by the residents of Bahia Blanca:

“Having proved to our Spanish friends that we were not Pirates, the Captain with two boats started for the Settlement.— Nearly all the men were employed on shore; so that the ship was left in as unusual as delightful a state of quietness.” (Sept 11)

But I thought I’d step away from 1832 for a light post today…

Recently I came across a couple of images of Darwin-related projects people had constructed out of legos. I must say, it is interesting how some things become so engrained in our culture that people take the time to build miniature replicas of them out of tiny brinks. Anyway, I thought I’d share a few today.

Lego Darwin (designed and created by Kaptain Kobold):
lego Darwin
lego Darwin

Darwin in the Galapagos (designed and created by Jordan Hofer) – I like that this is “young” Darwin
lego Darwin

Darwin’s Lab (by Nick Ellis)
lego Darwin

And the crown jewel (at least in my mind) – a lego replica of the Beagle (designed and built by Chris Melby):
lego Darwin

lego Darwin

lego Darwin

Kudos to the designers – these are pretty cool! (RJV)


  1. […] but as a cultural icon. Last year I shared a little bit on Darwin’s legacy in legos (see Lego Darwin).  Here are a few more of the options out there for the consumer who needs more Darwin toys in […]

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