Posted by: Rob Viens | August 17, 2012

Frozen Water and Mountains of Mud

Today, August 17th, Darwin was in a very literary frame of mind. So I’ll just take the opportunity to let the young naturalist speak for himself today:

“All day & night it has blown a stiff breeze from the South. There have been several hail-storms, which forms our first introduction to frozen water.— A sea soon gets up in the river & from its little depth the waves become so muddy that they look like mountains of mud.— This riding with our head to wind shakes the very foundation of my stomach.” (Aug 17)

NASA image of the muddy waters of the Río de la Plata (looking towards the east). The light tan area onshore and to the left of the blue/brown water boundary is Montevideo. The large city on the right side of the estuary is Buenos Aires. The muddy water is the result of all the sediment carried downstream by the Paraná River.

Rio de la Plata


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