Posted by: Rob Viens | July 29, 2012

“Boisterous” Weather in Montevideo

Sunday, July 29th, brings a short entry from Darwin:

“This morning we are pitching heavily, & occasionally a sea breaks over us.— The weather is yet boisterous & the rain very cold.” (July 29)

Cold is right…I just took a look at the weather report for Montevideo and it is currently 39°F (4°C) – granted it is currently 2am in Uruguay, but the high today was in the mid 50’s.  For the latest conditions, see the widget below from the Weather Underground:

Find more about Weather in Montevideo, UY
Click for weather forecast

How does this compare with the rest of the year? Well, remember that July is the heart of winter in the southern hemisphere, and July is the coldest month of the year in Uruguay.  Summer (January) has average temperatures closer to 80°F (26°C).

Temperature in Montevideo throughout the year (in °C) (from

Temperatures in Montevideo

Interestingly, rainfall is pretty consistent throughout the year (about 90 mm (about 3.5 inches) a month), with about 10 days of rainfall each month. Darwin was writing on one of those wet days.

Rainfall in Montevideo throughout the year (in mm)

Rainfall in Montevideo

All of this translates into what is considered a humid subtropical climate – basically hot humid summers and cool winters.  Other regions with this type of climate include the southeastern US, northern Italy, southeastern China and the eastern coast of Australian.

One of the more pronounced weather effects that is unique to Montevideo and the region around the Río de la Plata are the strong, cold, winter winds that blow north off the Argentine Pampas – called pamperos. Darwin and the crew would experience a pampero in a couple of weeks – so stay tuned for a first-hand account. (RJV)


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