Posted by: Rob Viens | July 7, 2012

As Darwin was departing Rio this week, I asked the author of the blog 3rdCultureChildren if she was interested in a guest blog or tie-in to the Beagle Project. After having lived in Brazil for over two years, Raquel and her family just departed for a new home. She writes of her adventures and some of the parallels with Darwin’s time in Brazil above. Be sure to follow the “read more” link above and check out 3rdCultureChildren – thanks Raquel! (RJV)



The most recent WordPress Writing Challenge, is about  “writing style“. Quoting WP:

“Like it or not, we all have our own style. Where we’re from, our local colloquialisms, our favorite writers, and our preferred subject matter all influence the tone and language in our posts. We do not blog in a vacuum…Better yet, you can tell us about your favorite writer’s tone, or you can take it a step further — after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Highlight a particular element of your favorite writer’s style, and incorporate it into a post of your own. Whether it’s their delightfully wry wit, the rhythmic insertion of repeated phrases, or lackadaisical sentence structure, become your favorite writer for a day (or an hour).”
Here’s my original post, writen under the format of a ‘quasi-journal’, taking advantage of the suggested Writing Challenge from WordPress, and the fantastic journey…

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