Posted by: Rob Viens | April 30, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

On the last day of April, Darwin simply writes:

“Dined with Mr Aston.” (Apr 30)

So, with little going on in 1832, I’d like to take a step forward to the 21st century today to share that (as I approach my 100th post) the Beagle Project was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award last week, thanks to a nomination from fellow blogger in Slovenia – My Botanical Garden (thanks Tamara!). One of the great things about blogging is the chance to meet people from all over the world!

Versatile Blogger Award

As part of the award I am asked to nominate and share 15 on my favorite blogs and 7 things about myself. So here goes – some long-time and recent favorites of mine (in no particular order):

  1. Defective Yeti – The first blog I read regularly many years ago (and still like to keep up with).
  2. HMS Beagle Project – A non-profit working to rebuild the Beagle – how cool would that be!
  3. Happiness Project – Among other things part of what inspired me to try blogging
  4. Falar Ler Entender – I am impressed by this project – I always struggle with languages.
  5. Flowing Data– Data visualization is really cool – and Nathan’s blog is my favorite on the subject.
  6. – Seattle naturalist David William’s blog on people and rocks.
  7. Fat of the Land – Langdon Cook’s adventures (and recipes) as a 21st century forager. Mmmm…good!
  8. Geek Dad The name says it all – and because I like to think that I am one, too.
  9. Nice Paper Toys – Yeah – it’s fun to make toys out of paper (that sorta fits with #8).
  10. Information is Beautiful – More data visualization from David McCandless.
  11. Brain Pickings – Spanning all definitions of the word culture – there are always gems here.
  12. The Landslide Blog – What can I say – I am a geologist and Dave Petley has been keeping me informed of landslide issues for years.
  13. BC Sustainability – OK, a shameless plug, but I have to support the good work of my college – and Deric is doing some awesome stuff.
  14. Earthling Nature – Art, ideas, biodiversity and paleontology – it has to be good, right?
  15. Lists of Note – These are fun – including a list from Darwin titled “Better than a dog anyhow (Also writes Letters of Note which has some good stuff, too.)

I know the following blogs have already been nominated but I also enjoy keeping up with: Secret GardenerThird Culture Children and of course, My Botanical Garden

Some trivia about me:

  1. I am a geologist and ecologist by training – and I love science.
  2. I have been teaching geology and environmental science at Bellevue College since 1999 – I currently serve as the Dean of the Science Division.
  3. I’ve “geologized” in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, New York, Kenya and on the Colorado Plateau.
  4. I think data visualization and game-based learning are very cool (and that they will both be very big, very soon).
  5. I spent several working and volunteering at Woodland Park Zoo – writing educational material and feeding/cleaning up after orangutans and lemurs.
  6. I can make a nuclear reactor out of a spatula, atomic clock and 4 lima beans (oh wait – that was McGuyver – but I can make an omlette with a spatula and a couple of eggs)
  7. I went to a fundraiser luncheon last week dressed as a pirate/sea captain – almost everyone else was dressed for a luncheon. They told me I was a table captain and I was supposed to dress appropriately ….what was I supposed to do?

Thanks for reading everyone – the journey continues tomorrow! (RJV)


  1. Congratulations on versatile blogability / blogginess. Ah, links to explore…. next stop, list of my favorite distractions.

  2. Thanks Leslie!

  3. Hey there! Thank you so very much for the mention… Congratulations on the award… well deserved… I love your blog (as you know), and the fact you also love Science, and is passionate about sharing it thru teaching (we’re that kind of crazy people, right?) – keep it up! Greetings from just below the Equator (Recife, Brazil).

    • Thanks! I’ve been enjoying 3rd Culture Children very much, too. I’m learning so much about Brazil (and getting great ideas for the kids, too.) Glad you are enjoying the Beagle Project.

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