Posted by: Rob Viens | April 26, 2012

Rate My Professor – Thomas Hope

On April 26th Darwin was still drying out from yesterday’s soaking – his only entry being;

“Employed all day in restoring the effects of yesterdays disaster.” (Apr 26)

Life in the classroom is certainly easier (or at least more predictable) than the real world, so here is another entry in the 19th century “Rate My Professor” series, which asks the question, “What if Darwin and his contemporaries at university had the same online evaluation tool as today’s students?”

Today – one of the few professors that Darwin actually liked during his time at the University of Edinburgh.  Thomas Charles Hope was a chemistry professor who was well-known for his class demos and interesting lectures – often speaking to a crowd of hundreds of students.  He is probably the only reason Darwin finished the 1825-6 academic year at University.

rate my professor spoof of Thomas Charles Hope

PS – For earlier entries in the “Rate by Professor pages” see Robert Jameson’s, Robert Grant’s and Alexander Monro’s ratings.

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