Posted by: Rob Viens | April 7, 2012

Rate My Professor – Alexander Monro III

April 7th found Darwin preparing for his big trip:

“I finally made the few but necessary arrangements for my riding excursion to Rio Macaè & in the evening moved some of my goods & chatels to Botofogo.” (Apr 7)

Much more on the trip (and Botofogo Bay, too) in the coming days, but for today, another installment of Rate My Professor in the 19th Century.

Highlighted today is probably one of the worst professors ever – Alexander Monro III. Old Tertius, was the third Alexander Monro to hold the Chair of Anatomy at Edinburgh.  His grandfather (A.M. primus) and father (A M. secundus) were said to have been good teachers.  But young Tertius was definitely not.  The three generations of  Monro’s collectively held the Chair of Anatomy at Edinburgh for a total of 126 consecutive years! Talk about the need for education reform.

rate my professor spoof of Alexander Monro III

After describing Monro to his sister, Darwin ends a long letter with:

 “I said this account should be short, but I am afraid it has been too long like the Lectures themselves.” (Correspondence, Carolyn Darwin, January 6, 1826)

Maybe I should share these with some of the students who think they have it bad today… (RJV)

PS – For earlier entries in the “Rate by Professor pages” see Robert Jameson’s and Robert Grant’s ratings.


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